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	This page is for those Furre's that are really serious. Whether it was
just a one night stand or for those married couples that are trying, I've 
collected information for those that want to be parents. If I don't have 
what you need, tell me. I'll add it when I'm able to. If you don't like my
rules; change them. I'm only setting up some guidelines.

Here I am.

(The "x" is pronounced as a "z")
	I'm very small and slender. Kind of frail. I like to pamper myself. Especially
my tail. I always keep clean. It's become a habit that I picked up from my
experiences with court life. My heritage runs into snow leopard, but other than
that I don't know. I'd like to marry into royalty, but I'm probably not a
pedigree so I guess they think they're too good for me. And besides, no one would
marry their daughter off to a woman, and they wouldn't give their son to a
commoner. I just want someone to love and be happy and maybe have kids. Is that
so much to ask. Won't someone marry me?

Just a small bit about my alter ego.

My pen name is Kesarra Sharann.
	I'm 22. My sex really doesn't matter since I understand both 
as if I was either. Kind of hard to believe, but true. Females and males are 
both very complicated. I'm a teacher, a mentor, and maybe even a mother/father 
figure. I like to educate any that really need it. (If I can get to them.) It's 
my purpose in life; to help others. I am currently in college and do not 
hold a secure job. That's the kind of work for me. I guess I could consider myself 
a true Celtic or Gaelic druid. I'm Irish if you're wondering, and if not, now
you know. Anything else I need to tell? Guess not.

This is a story that I wrote in 9th grade. I think it was my first short story. 
Here is a taile (tail? tale?) Hope you enjoy it.

Come and see my art.

Here is the ever growing list of anthropomorphic media.

Sign my guestbook. Or you could leave me a message on my answering machine.

Here are the different species.

This leads to the species that are not yet supported by Furcadia.

This leads to my rules of marriage.

If you have any questions or want me to add something:
Send E-Mail to

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And as a reminder, please do not plagiarize any of my work here. If you need to mention my work, at least give me credit for it.
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This page last modified on: Tuesday, July 11, 2000.

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