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Here are the degrees of marriage I use.

I like to use the Brehon Law. It was used in ancient Ireland and was upheld by
their Drui (the plural of Druid). Brehon Law wasn't designed for a perfect world, 
where everyone is kind and trustworthy, but for the world as it actually is, 
which is quite different. Any relationship that results in the birth of a child 
is considered to be marriage (or a life mating as I would put it), which assures 
the child's rights under law. The mother should have the only claim to any children 
that are not adults, after all, since motherhood can be proved and the childs' sire isn't 
always definite.
  1. A marriage of the first degree takes place between partners of equal rank and property.
  2. A marriage of the second degree is one where the male has more property and supports the female.
  3. A marriage of the third degree is one where the female has more property and supports the male. The male must manage her property to keep his dignity and her respect.
  4. Fourth degree marriage is where no property is taken into consideration. This arrangement is called "the marriage of a love one." The female is considered a concubine, not an official wife, so if her husband dies, she may not continue to live in his house.(wills could be worked into this one.)
  5. Marriage of the fifth degree is one in which a male and female share their bodies in mutual agreement, but continue to live in seperate dwellings.
  6. Abduction of another males' wife is a sixth degree marriage for as long as he can keep her with him.
  7. A marriage of the seventh degree is called "a soldiers marriage." It usually doesn't last for more than one night.(Here's the one night stand.)
  8. A marriage of the eighth degree takes place when a male obtains use of the female's body through deception. This includes seducing her with lies about his status or property, or taking advantage of her intoxication.
  9. An act of rape constitutes ninth degree marriage.
  10. Tenth degree marriage is a coupling that involves a feebleminded couple.

This is the list for the specifics that apply to some or all degrees of marriage.

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