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For the Love of Nature

	To an observer she sat on the boulder as if sidesaddle on a horse. She was there 
for one reason and one reason alone, though she didnít know it at the time.
	She thought to herself.: What am I doing here? I donít know why I came, I just 
did. Maybe thereís a purpose to my being here. :
	An answering voice in the back of her mind, only barely audible, said.       
: There is. :
	She was startled by this. She looked to her left, but saw nothing of interest. 
She looked to her right and saw a dense forest. Set back a ways was a golden brown 
splotch. As she focused on it, she made it out to be a very large mountain lion. 
She knew him to be male, though she didnít know why.
	He seemed almost majestic as he sat on his haunches. She was caught by his delicate 
blue eyes. They seemed almost to pull her in and caress her.
	: What a beautiful animal. :
	: Do not be afraid. I have no reason to harm you. : replied that same little 
voice in the back of her mind.
	The cat looked very intently at her and very suddenly padded off into the woods. 
: Follow me. : the voice said.
	She almost fell off the rock. : How could an animal talk to me in my mind? Itís 
impossible! : She was very intrigued.
	She surprised herself by sliding off the rock and walking to the spot where the 
cat had just been. She looked around and saw a small game trail leading deep into the 
	: Do not be afraid. Follow the trail. :
	She stepped onto the trail and felt a strange sensation. She couldnít describe 
it. On an impulse she turned around, but found she couldnít. Invisible hands pushed her 
on into the forest.
	After only a few moments, she could hear the sounds of the forest. The birdsí chirps 
held a strange note of excitement. She could hear them saying        : She has come! She 
has come! :
	She walked for what seemed like hours. Darkness fell over the forest, but that didnít 
	Very suddenly, she came across a meadow. While occupying only a few acres, it stretched 
in either direction like a vast hall.
	The most striking aspect was a hill in the middle of the meadow. It was just large 
enough that it occupied only half the width of the meadow. A ring of trees ran around the 
base of the hill.
	Through the screen, she saw a large boulder that dominated the top of the hill. On it, 
sat the mountain lion in almost the exact position she had been while perched atop her boulder.
	At the base of the boulder, in a semicircle that curved around it, sat ten pairs of 
animals and birds. She saw the fox, the robin, the wolf, and the jay; the bobcat, the falcon, 
and the deer; the bear, the eagle, and the coyote. As she looked closer, she saw that the 
animals within each pair were mates, all except the mountain lion. He sat alone atop the 
	: Join us, for the Queen has come. :
	: She has come, the Queen has come! : came the reply.
	: Why should I come? : she thought aloud. : I donít belong here. :
	: But you do. We have awaited your coming. Walk the path of true nature and you will 
understand. :
	The voice was so compelling, that she started across the meadow towards the hill. The 
distance was far, but it passed in a few short moments.
	As she passed between the trees, she felt as if she were melting. The trees gave off an 
uncanny blue light and then subsided. The moment seemed to pass before it had even started.
	As she neared the rock, the animals bowed low and then parted ranks. She went on until 
she reached the boulder.
	: Come sit beside me my dear. :
	She jumped up and landed neatly beside the mountain lion. He raised his paw. She raised 
her own paw and placed it on his.
	: My own paw?! :
	She looked herself over and found herself to be a mountain lion just as majestic as her 
	: And now we are together. Together we shall stay if you so choose. What is your decision 
my dear? :
	She was very intrigued and very interested now. She needed time to think on this. She 
needed a lot of time to think now.
	: Think on it, but donít take too long. I may need your assistance soon. Good-bye my dear. :
	She awoke to find herself lying on the ground. She sat up and found herself facing the 
boulder and the forest beyond.
	: It had all been a dream. I knew it couldnít have been real. :
	She stood up, walked to the edge of the forest, and found a game trail leading back into 
the forest.
	: Or had it? :
	: What is your decision? :
	She was so startled, she jumped several feet backwards. Right on the game trail was the 
mountain lion. He looked at her a while, and then padded off.
	: Iím coming ... dear. :

							THE END

©Kesarra Sharann 1997

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