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Taile of a would-be Rabbit
December 15,1997

	My story begins on a sunny, spring day late last year. I was lounging around, 
eating the grass from a nearby field, when the most horrid things started happening.
	A family of mice attacked me. I was forced to roll my head down a hill several 
miles in the distance to lure them off.
	While they were busy on the other side of that hill, I ran across the field and 
straight into a group of five foxes. The largest started towards me so I pulled off my leg 
and threw it past the fox so he would chase after it. A second fox came towards me and 
I had to pull off another leg and throw it in a different direction. Even a third came and 
I had to throw another leg. A forth came too. I pulled off my last leg and threw it as far 
away as I could. With those four gone I had only one more to take care of, so I pulled 
off my tail and threw it to the wind. That wind took my tail over five miles before 
dropping it. I know because I saw it.
	I hopped off at a leisurely pace, making sure to use my back legs together to 
push me forward and my front legs for support and to be sure I didnít land nose first into 
the dirt. It was very difficult to coordinate my legs when they were so far away.
	After a bit, I came to a carrot tree. The ripest carrots youíve ever seen. It was such 
a wonder, that I pulled myself up into that tree by my ears. I lounged around for a bit and 
then began to eat. I ate all the carrots I could find and some that I couldnít. What a feast 
it was. I settled down for a quick nap.
	I was disturbed by a very loud, barking dog. He mustíve been very perturbed by 
my presence in his petsí tree. Everyone knows that a human is the pet of the dog. Anyway, 
I became very annoyed with that dog and decided to jump out of the tree. Fortunately for 
me, I forgot to land on my paws and missed the ground completely. I flew up into the air 
and left the dog, the foxes, and the mice far, far away.
	And thatís how my story ends.

(I wrote this story the night of the 15th. If read properly, it should appear completely
	impossible. That's how it's supposed to be. More tailes should be forthcoming.)
©Kesarra Sharann 1997

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